PINTURA ABSTRATA - demonstração

PINTURA ABSTRATA - demonstração

William Hall Mixed media abstract painting demonstration #2-12min.
William Hall Mixed media abstract painting demonstration #2-4min.

William Hall demonstrates how he executes one of his mixed media paintings. Working with cement mixed with dry pigments Hall shows how he completes one of his unique pieces of art.
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 William Hall (Salão
demonstra como ele executa uma de suas pinturas de mídia mista. 
Trabalhando com cimento misturado com pigmentos secos .
Hall mostra como ele completa uma de suas peças de arte únicas.

How to Begin a Non-Objective Painting -6min.

Full instructional video at In this clip, Virginia Cobb demonstrates how she starts an abstract painting.
 Narbero's - 7min.
Abstrato -9min.
Macro Abstrato -3min.
 Abstract Art painting 'Edge of Dreams' 
Modern,contemporary,Mix lang Hou to - 23min
Abstract Art painting 'Edge of dreams' Modern,contemporary,17min.
Eternit - 27min.
Simples Abstrato -6min.
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